NSX Software, Inc.

           Business Intelligence for SAP Master Data

When organizations replace their legacy systems with SAP ECC they reasonably expect that the quality of their data will improve.  Frequently, however, they discover that different configurations, patterns of usage, and lax standards create master data inconsistencies that prevent them from taking full advantage of their investment in SAP.

A prerequisite for any SAP MDM / MDG project, instance consolidation effort, corporate merger, or data quality initiative is to understand how existing SAP master data and metadata vary within an instance, between instances, and even across different landscapes.

· Which fields are defined in ECC but never used within the organization? 

· Which check and text table values are used differently across the enterprise?

· Which fields are required on one instance but optional or suppressed in others?

· What number ranges and object ID’s overlap between instances? 

· Which customers/vendors are duplicated within/across instances?

· How do workflows for master data creation vary among instances?

NSX Software’s Data Management Workbench for SAP (DMWB) is a BI application that uncovers unusual and inconsistent usage of SAP master, reference, and text data across an organization’s entire SAP landscape.  Tasks that might takes months to do in an ad hoc fashion can be accomplished within a few days using structured and repeatable techniques.

NSX has working BI solutions for SAP Vendor, Customer, Product, and Finance master data domains.